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Kantime created an online portal and a app that provides medical records to its Medicare patients quickly. KanTime provides quality care to its patients at the time of booking, billing, and programing, and scheduling.

New to Medicare?

Get a Free Medicare quote but just entering the zip code below:-

Or Call our agent at +1 (888)-431-1104. Our Licenced sales agent will assist you finding the best Medicare Quote and Comparing the quotes of different providers. 

Kantime Medicare login

Patients can access their benefits, key features, medical records, and health information by hh.kantime medicare login. Follow the under mentioned steps that guide you to while logging into Kantime Medicare Portal:-

1. Click the below button for Kantime Medicare Login

Click the button mentioned below to redirect to Kantime Medicare charting login.

Kantime Medicare App

Andorid or Apple users can download the Medicare App by clicking the below buttons.

2. Enter Your User Name and Password

Enter the user name and password in the field and press login. After login you will be redirected to the the Patient Portal where you can access the benefits, key features, medical record and health information.

Login Requirements:-

a. Must have a username and password.

b. A Valid Email address.

c. Secure Internet Connection.

Problem While Login to Kantime Health Care Medicare Portal

  • Before Login Check the URL of the page. It must be or its derivates.
  • Recheck the spellings you typed in username or password field. 
  • Check if the Caps Lock is On
  • Also check that you are not using the VPN as some site prevents you while logging in. 
  • If you forget your password try contacting the Adminstator. 
  • Still having problem while login. Fill out the contact us form by Clicking Here.

Benefits of Kantime Medicare

  • User can access to information related to his Lab results, appointments and billings at any time (24/7).
  • Can receive the notifications/reminders.
  • Can get a Electronic copy of their health records. 
  •  Can fnd specialist and doctors for the specific treatment or procedure. It Also provides a secure communication between client and doctors. 

Kanatime Medicare Cost

KanTime add incredible value to any partnership by offering clinical, functional, and financial benefits.  KanTime charges its user $1,000 to $1,500 per month for these benefits.


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